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ADD:Yuncheng Economic Development Zone, Shandong Province

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What are the main products of the company?

The company mainly suppling products: Nov-woven needle punched polyester fabrics, spunbond polyester mat, PET geotextile.
The company mainly products: Non-woven needle punched polyester fabric, spunbond polyester mat, PET geotextile.
The main raw material suppliers: PET slices produced by Tianjin Sinopec, Luoyang Sinopec and Liaoning Sinopec. The above suppliers are subsidiaries of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation. China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation is a super-large petrochemical enterprise group reorganized and established on the basis of the former China Petrochemical Corporation in July 1998. It is a state-owned company established solely by the state, an institution authorized by the state to invest, and a state-controlled company.