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Talent management

Talent management is based on the needs of strategic and organizational development. It focuses on the building of talent teams, forms a differentiated management system for different talent groups, and forms a closed-loop management system for talent standards, planning, selection, training, use, and retention.

It promotes multi-position, cross-functional, and cross-industry experiences among key employees, constantly optimizes the matching of people and positions, people and teams, and people and organizations, improves the structure and level of the talent team, and maintains the passion and vitality of the organization.

Talent concept

Adhering to the mission of “respecting people's values, developing people’s potential, and ascending to the hearts of the people”, the organization aims to create an organization with a wide range of people. In this organization, ordinary people become excellent people, and outstanding people become excellent. People, a steady stream of people realize their dreams in life here.

Cultivating and cultivating a talent team that wins market leadership, creates organizational advantages, leads value orientation, has a sense of mission and responsibility, and supports the achievement of strategic goals is an ongoing pursuit of talent.

Care for employees in life, emotion and growth.

People cherish their own inner dreams and pursuits, because dreams are more dynamic, more creative, and more than other organizations and individuals to promote the promotion of self-realization.